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Claudia Tamași (RO)

Codecool Romania | Country Manager

With an experience of almost 21 years in HR and sales, Claudia Tamași is now the Country Manager of Codecool Romania. Her expertise and skills in business, HR, sales, marketing and psychology led to her passion for new and fresh businesses, especially in the IT sector, one of the most complex fields.

Claudia has always been attracted to businesiness built on real values and has been involved in growth and development projects. She studied management and psychology, and in recent years has also paid attention to coaching and conscious leadership. Claudia has been working for 20 years in important multinational companies, and among the roles he held during this period are those of National Sales Director, Commercial Director EMEA, Business Development Director and Regional Manager. Claudia's professional background comes from various industries such as Telecom, Human Resources, Outsourcing and financial services, she is part of the management teams of some top players in the market, such as Orange, Vodafone, Adecco and TMF Group.

Claudia believes that every human interaction is a transfer of trust, and "the responsibility of becoming each of us" belongs entirely to us.